Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend in Granada!

This past weekend I went to Granada, a city in Southern Spain, surrounded by mountains. It was beautiful! Last year, the Spanish department had a T.A. from Granada, Elena, so I told her I was in her city, but we weren't able to meet up.

We arrived Friday night and took a walking tour through the city, then later that night we went to a Flamenco Show. The Flamenco was incredible! We were in a room that was shaped like a tunnel and the dancers were less than three feet away, sometimes I had to lean back because I thought I was going to get hit with their skirts! But it was a great experience! We also got to see the Alhambra at night--beautiful. Saturday, we actually went to the Alhambra, once the residence of the Muslim rulers in Granada. The muslim architecture and designs were incredibly beautiful and intricate. It was definitely the highlight of the trip! Then Saturday night, we went to Mae West, a huge discotecta in a mall! It was fun, but very crowded! Then Sunday we had the day free to do some shopping in many of the Gypsy markets and to go for a stroll through the city.

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