Friday, December 8, 2006

Last Day of Classes

Today marked the last day of classes for my first semester of college; it's a bittersweet feeling. After being at Ripon for a semester now I understand completely what people mean when they say "Ripon is more than a school, it's a family," because it is undeniably true. I have really gotten to know my professors and I am going to miss each and every one of them. Yesterday, for example, I had an appointment to meet with my First-Year Seminar professor in her office and I ended up staying there for half an hour, just talking. And today, my psychology professor, Dr. Hatcher, invited my Intro Psych class (48 students) into the Psych lounge for a holiday party and a chance to talk to eachother; 16 students came and it was a great way to meet the faculty in the department. As of right now, I'm thinking I want to be a psych major, so I will be spending plenty of time in that lounge!
Tonight is YULE BALL, the all-campus formal, held in Great Hall. I'm planning on going to that, so it should be a lot of fun! And tomorrow night we have our end-of-the-season banquet for volleyball--80's themed--of course and after that the Phi Delta Theta fraternity is hosting a Christmas Party in their lounge! It will be a busy weekend of studying, but hopefully I will have some time to go out as well, after all it is our last weekend in Ripon!


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