Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Last night campus was transformed into a beautiful Winter Wonderland with five inches of snow! I think the campus looks gorgeous with the fresh layer of snow, and it puts us all in the Holiday Spirit! Friday night, Untied, an all-male vocal group made up of six upperclassmen, performed a benefit concert to raise money for the Santa Squad, a non-profit organization started by a junior at Ripon to raise money and purchase toys for children. At the concert Friday night they raised over $600!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We have classes until Wednesday this week, but I'm heading home tomorrow and then down to Chicago on Wednesday to apply for my Student Visa to study abroad next semester! But the break isn't going to be very relaxing with all the homework I have to do! The last two weeks of class I have two presentations, two papers, a Spanish composicion, and an exam! Then it's finals week. :(

But if the scenery stays like this I think I'll be able to manage! Check out the beautiful sights around campus!


Du Santana said...

It's wonderfull! Here in Brasil is hot like a sun.

Anonymous said...

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vaampis said...

nice place n_n
here in the end of the world, always snows like that and worse! :D