Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring Fever

With only two more days until spring break, many of us are catching spring fever! This last weekend many of my friends went home to pack for their vacations. A couple of my friends are going to North Carolina on a service trip through the college and I know a lot of people who are going to Florida, some who are staying with family, and a few who are going down to support the baseball team! I am going to Mexico with some friends from home, so I am pretty excited!

I am excited for Spring Break, but I'm not on vacation yet--I have three exams this week and a paper due, so I have been pretty busy studying. Monday and Tuesday were elections for next year's Student Senate executive positions, so there are flyers everywhere from the doors to the showers. Last night in the Commons was a candlelight ceremony in honor of a woman who had worked in the commons and was killed in an automobile accident on Saturday. It was a very moving dinner. Also last night, President Joyce spoke at the SARC (Spirituality Association of Ripon) meeting about his personal journey through Christianity. I wish I could have been able to attend, however I had a SMAC meeting at that time.


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