Thursday, March 1, 2007

A turbulent Thursday!

It is VERY windy out today, and with the mix of snow, sleet, and rain, I am very glad I don't have any classes today. My English class was cancelled because the professor is attending a writing conference in Atlanta. So all I am doing today is working, doing some homework, and then tonight I am going to see "A Plague of Angels" which is being produced by the Theatre Department. It was written by Mark St. Germain, and is “Typhoid Mary” Mallon’s story of detainment and the public’s health. A drama that deals with the legal system, responsible medicine, scientific advances, personal struggles for identity, the power of life and death over others, and religion. So it should be very interesting!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day as well, I am in charge of designing the Student Planner for next year, so we took the photograph for the cover yesterday, it turned out well! We had open gym for volleyball, worked out in the Fitness Center, and watched a video for my Half-Marathon class in the Collaborative Learning Center.


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