Wednesday, November 1, 2006

It's been awhile...

Another string of busy days has gone by...our last tournament was Saturday, so it was bittersweet. However we only lost one senior, so the next few years are looking good for us as a team. It was a great season with amazing people and an excellent way to start out my first year at Ripon College. Now on the agenda is a team dinner/banquet and the "Rookie Show!" Every year, the rookies have to put together a show and Coach videptapes it (She has tapes of all of the seasons!)...and then we talk about it for an entire year! So there is a lot of pressure to make the show a good one! :)
I think the worst part about the season bring over is that I won't get to see the girls everyday at practice. We really grew together as a team and spent a lot of time together on the court as well as off the court. For example Saturday night we all dressed up in our Halloween Costumes and went out together! This just shows that we're more than teammates. We're a family.
In other news...this is another stressful week! I have a paper to write by Friday for my FYS class. We have to write a lot of papers for that class, but we're not alone to do it. I have been emailing my professor and she has offered me some tips on finding some sources for my research. We also have a student mentor for the class that is available to answer any of our questions or proofread our papers--it really helps!
I also began meeting with my tutor for Biology. He is a biology-chemistry major, a senior, and a member of one of the fraternities that I hang out at a lot. I have a re-test on Thursday (tomorrow!), so we have an extra study session tonight! He is really good about explaining things and I feel totally comfortable asking questions. The only bad thing is that we meet in the lounge in his dorm and I know all the guys there so they all had to stop and say "hi!!" :D It's a good problem to have though!!!

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