Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday!

As the end of the semester is drawing near, today marked one of the last days of instruction in some classes. For Introductory Spanish, we have our last scheduled exam on Friday, an oral exam next week, and then a written final during finals week. And for my FYS, we have a seminar project, worth 25% of our grade, due next week, and an oral exam during finals week. Looking at all I have to study, I am a little overwhelmed, but everything will be just fine if I just stay focused and work hard.
Tonight though, is Theta Chi's Casino Night, a recruitment event where first-year and independent males can come down and meet some of the guys and learn what Theta Chi is all about. I will be waitressing, so that should be fun...and also a nice study-break! On the other end of Brockway, Sigma Chi is hosting its annual Christmas Party for the faculty and staff. So the boys have been busy decorating these last few days.
The Commons is also spruced up for the holidays! Today they set up three Christmas trees! And almost all of the buildings on campus have wreaths on the doors and everyone had a smile on their face--Christmas (and Winter Break!) are right around the corner!


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