Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Year, New Ripon!

When we came back to Ripon this year, there were a lot of people on campus already--consruction workers--who had been busy working throughout the summer to finish the many renovations on campus! Since first coming to Ripon, one year ago, I have seen the new College Apartments Senior Residence hall go up, the mailroom and the Pub rennovations, which are still being completed, the building of a new facility for our Plant Department, the rennovation of the Todd Wehr building, and still coming this year, the remodeling of the Pickard Commons.

The new Senior Apartments, located near Tri-Dorms and the Evans Admissions Center, are beautiful 4-person units, that come completely furnished, with air conditioning, and cable TV... they hardly sound like a dorm! I have spent a lot of time in the apartments so far and cannot wait to live in them my senior year! :)

The mailroom and the Pub are nearing the tail-end of their rennovations; the Pub actually opened for carry-out orders only today. The remodeling of these two spaces will open up a lot of space, and make the area more student-friendly, with more seating, computer terminals with internet access, and also a stage for concerts, comedians, or open-mic nights. I can't wait until the Pub is done; it will be a great place to eat, study, or just hang out with friends!

The Plant Department is in the process of building a new facility down by the Rodman Center for the Arts. Currently, the Plant Department is housed in the basement of the Pickard Commons, but the college is looking to free up that space and make it available for use by student organizations and clubs. The rennovated space in the Commons will have offices for a lot of the organizations on campus, and also serve as another place for students to have meetings, study, or just hang out...Starbucks is so close! :)

Todd Wehr, in 2005 (left) and newly rennovated (August 2007)
Lastly, our main classroom building, Todd Wehr, received quite a face-lift over the summer! Todd Wehr houses the education department, the psychology department, the business and economics departments, and the math and computer science departments. The rennovations over the summer include the addition of an elevator, removal of the window grates, new windows, a new heating system, enclosing the breezeway and the addition of 6 beautiful new classrooms!

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