Friday, November 9, 2007


Today is a pretty relaxed day for me: I have classes until noon, then I lunch-host a volleyball recruit, then this afternoon I have to meet with a professor, work on designing the planner for next year, and stop into the Career Development office to discuss possible summer opportunities and internships. After I do all that the weekend is mine.
Tonight there's a home swim meet, the first one in five years or something ridiculous like that, so I think I might try and go to that. Then tomorrow is my two month anniversary with Nick, so we're going to DOS Gringos, a mexican reataurant downtown. I thought Dos would be appropriate for our dos meses! Can you tell I planned that? I love corny stuff like that! :) And I think after dinner we might see what's playing at the Campus Cinema and maybe catch a movie! I think campus will be pretty quiet this weekend; it's the first weekend after all the fall sports are over and a lot of people are going home. But I'm not going to mind at all! I am looking forward to a weekend of quiet and relaxation! And since my homework for Chemistry is not to get sick, I think a weekend like that is just what the doctor ordered! :)


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