Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday night Jess and I went shopping and decorated our toom for Christmas! We have three strings of lights, two trees, lots of Hoho, Pine boughs, window clings, and hanging ornaments! It is very festive and full of holiday cheer! We've already invited over some of the Admission Counselors and have decided that we're hosting the Secret Santa gift exchange for our living group! :)

Our hanging ornaments and my tree!

My side!

Looking week is the last week of classes already and what a week it will be! Monday I have a presentation for my research project, Tuesday my final Chemistry lab is due, and Wednesday I have my Spanish oral interview--to start the week out! Then the week after that is finals! I have my Chem final Monday, Statistics on Tuesday morning and Latin in the afternoon, Wednesday I have a discussion to talk about our research papers for Latin, and then my last final, Spanish, is Thursday morning from 9-11, so I'll be out of here Thursday! But there is much to do before then!

--Christy-mas :)

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