Monday, November 19, 2007


Hi there! It's been a while! Things have been so busy around here lately! Let me catch you up on last week: Jay Black was HILARIOUS. I am so glad I went! Totally worth the sleep I lost doing homework after the show. Thursday was the first day of my Psychology Study, "The Effects of Time of Day on Cognitive Performance." I am looking to see if there is a difference in people's concentration in the morning versus the afternoon, so I tested 10 people over the course of Thursday and Friday, and I found that on average, people do better in the afternoon. Friday night was TOTU (Take Over The Union), sponsored by Residence Life. This year it was an Olympics theme, so everyone was dressed in togas, like famous athletes, or in athletic gear, and we played Olympic games like curling, hocky, frisbee, ring toss, and hot lava. I was there serving mocktails for SMAC. We served Steroid Manufactured Athletic Concoctions :), I thought it was cute! Friday night was also the Shack-a-Thon, where students created homes out of cardboard boxes and spent the night outside to raise money and awareness for the homeless. The rest of my weekend was pretty quiet; I worked on a lot of homework, studied for the tests that I have this week, and started research for a Latin paper due at the end of the semester. The only thing I did this weekend was homework, and I still have more to do. This time of the semester is just crazy for everyone, but we just have to get through these next three days then it's Thanksgiving! I can't wait.


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