Thursday, March 6, 2008

So close I can almost taste it...

Spring Break is 48 hours away! This morning Jess, Lindsey, and Theresa left for their Alternative Spring Break Service trip to Panama, so it's going to be a quiet night on 3rd East! :( I'm not doing any service trips or going out of the country...I'm just going back to Minnesota. I haven't seen my family in over two months now, so it'll be great to catch up and spend time with them.
Today I turned in the introduction to my Psychology research project, so all I have left this week is a Spanish exam tomorrow! It's the first of the two exams all semester, so I'm a little nervous! But I'll spend the afternoon studying, so I should be good to go! Then hopefully I can get to bed early and enjoy breakfast in the Commons tomorrow morning! I love the omelets! :) mmm!



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