Monday, February 26, 2007

A Wintery Weekend

This weekend was was a sudden return to winter--we got about two feet of snow in all! Friday night, I had a prospective student stay with me from Colorado, which was a lot of fun! We attended a presentation by a former porn and sex addict, Michael Leahy, which was very interesting and well-attended by the student body. Saturday was the final Pickard Scholarship Day, and I was on the current student panel again. Then Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Oshkosh and Fon du Lac in search of beads for the Mardi Gras lounge party hosted by Theta Chi that night. On Sunday, SMAC sponsored Winterfest, which consisted of sledding on Sadhoff, Plank Teamwork Skiing, Pictionary Face Painting, and Dress the Snowman.
Today, a few classes were cancelled because of professors traveling in the snow, but fortunately (or unfortunately) I had all of my classes today!


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