Monday, April 23, 2007

The Ending of a Beautiful Weekend and the Beginning of A Busy Week

This weekend was beautiful, and we sure took advantage of the weather here on campus! Friday night SSS (Student Support Services) took a bus to the Brewers game, SMAC sponsored an outdoor acoustic concert featuring Michael Wideburg, and the Alpha Delta Pi sorority sponsored a relay for life and brat/hamburger fry in the Save-A-Lot parking lot.

Saturday was Merriman's Ultimate Frisbee Tournament to raise money for a family striken with leukemia, and also the WFCA State Froensics Tournament on campus, so that was neat as well! I had a volleyball tournament at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee all day, so I missed out.

Sunday was Expo, I gave a speech on the College Search Process, cabossed a tour, and chatted with prospective students and their families. Sunday was also Phi Delta Theta's "Firefighter Run," so the guys were dressed in full fire attire, running laps around the Quads to raise money for our Fire Department and fire awareness. The weather was beautiful and everyone was outside--participating in the firefighter obstacle course, playing volleyball, football, frisbee, soccer--you name it! The music was playing and everyone was having a good time! Sunday night Residence Life sponsored a cook-out in the Quads, which was nice too!

The Fire Truck!

Look at those fine Firefighters!

The Phi Delts running!

It was a great weekend and I am sorry to leave it behind, because these next couple of weeks are going to be very busy!


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