Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rolling Toward Another Weekend

I cannot believe how fast the time is going! Yesterday I had class all day then volleyaball practice from 5:30-7, Chef's Anonymous had a smoothie and frappachino night, and there was also an Open Mic night at the Terrace sponsored by SMAC, but I was so exhausted, I ended up just going back to my room to relax after volleyball.

Today on campus there is a Blood Drive, so I might try to stop by there, I only have one class from 2-4, but I am showing my room for Admission tours and then hosting a prospective student from Colorado tonight, so I'm really looking forward to that! It should be a lot of fun! I have an intramural volleyball game at 8:30, but other than that I will probably just relax tonight, and maybe play some frisbee or throw a football around! It should be a nice night for that!


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