Friday, April 13, 2007

Tired Thursday

Today I only had one class: from 2:10-4, and I worked before from 12-2, but I am so exhausted! All of my late nights earlier this week have caught up to me! But there is no end in sight! I have a psychopathology exam on Monday and also a Latin project due Monday. And this weekend looks to be busy! Tomorrow is one of my friend's birthdays and also a Murder Mystery sponsored by Residence Life, and then Saturday Jess and I are taking a day trip to Appleton to go shopping, and then Sigma Chi is having a Graffiti Party Saturday night, but there is also the "Mud Run" going on Saturday afternoon, a 5k run for the Pre-Med Society, and on Sunday is the "Chi Bowl": Theta Chi vs. Sigma Chi in football! So that should be a lot of fun to watch! Now I just need to get some of this homework done so I do some of these things this weekend!


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