Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Winter Returns for Round Two :(

Today when I woke up there was snow on the ground! I was so disappointed, I want the warm weather back! We only have a month left of school--it should not be snowing! But students are not letting the snow get the best of us! There are a TON of activities goiong on tonight! Residence Life is sponsoring a Karoke Night at the Terrace, SMAC is sponsoring a trip to a private show at Comedy Sportz, a comedy club in Madison, the Equestrian Club is having its kick-off event, and Chefs Anonymous is hosting "A Night at the Ballpark," where we will be cooking homemade Crackerjacks, nachos, and beer-brats. I also have volleyball practice tonight, but I'm going to go to Chefs Anonymous after, and try to make it to the Karoke Night later! It's going to be a busy night!!


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