Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Tournament!

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, so last night I went for a run in the prairie with my friend Cameron, it was my first time ever being out there, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I am so sad that I didn't go out there sooner! There is a bench out there, at the top of the hill, and it's Cameron's favorite spot on campus...and it's quickly climbing the list of my favorite spots on campus! :o)

Today I have two classes: Spanish from 10:10-11 and then English from 2:10-4, but I might have to leave English a little early because we have a volleyball tournament at Lakeland College tonight. There are seven of us driving over in vans, and we play three matches. I am pretty excited!! But I have to miss my intramural volleyball game, and we are playing the other team that is undefeated tonight! I am sure the "Diggas" will overcome my absence and continue our winning ways!!


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