Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 2!

Today was the second day of classes, but I had all new classes today. Many of the classes run on either a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule or a Tuesday-Thursday schedule, so I had all different classes today than I did yesterday. The first day of class is mostly getting familiar with the course, the professor, and the expectations. In Chemistry we went over the class syllabus, my professor, Dr. Katahira, did a demonstration and went over a few basic concepts and terms. I really like him so I don't think 8 a.m. will be that bad! :) Then I worked for an hour between classes. At 10:10 I had Research Design and Statistics, with the newest addition to the psych department, Professor Kovack-Lesh, where we mostly went over the syllabus and did introductions. I had Social Problems after that, where we, again, went over the syllabus! So I am now well-organized for all my classes! :) I had a nice break from noon until 2:30 when I had Spanish until 3:40! My Spanish professor is actually the same one that taught my first semester of Spanish here at Ripon, so that's nice! And that's the way it is as you move further into the departments at a small college like Ripon; you pretty much get to know everyone in the department, which is really nice when it comes to needing letters of recommendation or references in the future.

Well I think last night was my last night of relaxation! :( I have homework to do tonight! It shouldn't be too bad, but I want to work a little ahead so I can go to the Jason Levasseur concert tomorrow night in the Terrace!

Hasta MaƱana,

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