Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello and Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, the birthday celebrations went well...we went to Big Stella's for dinner, where I ate WAY too much pizza and chocolate cake...then Nick opened his presents back at the apartment...then the celebrations were over for me...I had to go back to my room and work on homework. :(

That's what I'm doing today too. More homework. I have to do some probelems for Chemistry, rewrite/revise a Spanish paper, do normal Spanish homework, and study for a Stats quiz tomorrow. Tonight's going to be a busy night too: the volleyball team is going to aerobics from 5-6, then Yoga from 6-7, then doing a little lifting so we can start our off-season lifting program set up. We're using a really neat website called Fitrex; it has sport-specific workouts and exercises, so I'm really excited to get started on that!

I'm also waiting for this weather to warm up!


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