Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Today it is a beautiful, sunny day! (But still cold as can be!) The sun always makes it easier to get up...I feel like I'm not the only one getting up early! Today I had Chemistry discussion from 8-8:50, work from 9-10, then Stats lab from 10:10-12:05. A pretty light day! But I need to talk to my advisor and see if I can add an Exercise Science class so I can get my Wellness Requirement taken care of. Because Ripon is a Liberal Arts college, as students we are required to take bredth requirements, which include a fine arts course, a wellness course, a natural sciences course, a behavioral science course, a writing and composition course, and other courses as well. But these requirements lead to well-rounded students and attractive resumes, so bring it on! :)

I'm also excited because tonight is the first class of Intramural Yoga, so I will definitely have to check that out...but other than that I'm staying inside where it's warm!


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