Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday already!

Hi there! This has been a busy week already! Monday was a popular day for prospective students to come visit campus, so I lunch hosted and walked a few people to classes and appointments. Yesterday was my day to sleep in! The only class I had was lab from 1-4 p.m. so I slept in and got some homework done! I am also applying to be a Resident Assistant (RA) next year, so I am working on that application and essay questions in my spare time!

Today is a full day of class, and what makes it even worse is it is so cold outside! I am ready for a heat wave or something! SOON! But I guess there are polenty of things to take my mind off the cold...on campus right now is a week-long celebration of Martin Luther King so we have activities related to that going on everyday: Monday was Celebration Dinner with Soul Food in the Commons over the lunch hour, Yesterday was a Poetry Reading during Golden Hour, today is "Straight Talk," a discussion led by Quay Hanna on this year’s theme, “Race, Gender and Politics,” then tomorrow night in Great Hall is keynote speaker damali ayo, writer/activist, and author of the book How to Rent a Negro, Friday's lunch will feature a Celebration Cake in the Commons, Saturday is a day of Service volunteering with Feed My Starving Children, and the week ends on Sunday with a non-denominational worship service by guest pastor President Joyce.


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