Thursday, February 7, 2008

All Caught Up!

Last night was definitely my catch up night! I caught up on laundry, cleaning, sleep, and Family Guy! :) I had about a week and a half of laundry to do, but the nice thing's FREE at Ripon! So I can do as many loads as I want! :) However, the goal is to do laundry once a week...I'll remember that next time!

I didn't have class this morning until 10:10, so it was a nice opportunity to catch a few more zzz's! Too bad the plows were out and about! I just had the one class today, so now I'm working for an hour, then it's a few hours of homework, aerobics at 5 p.m., and lifting after that. Maybe if it's still nice tonight I'll walk to the Save-A-Lot...I need some groceries! :)

I hope this warm, sunny weather keeps up!


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