Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Blizzard!

Over the course of last night and this morning we got another 3" of snow! BUMMER! I am ready for it to be Spring already! We thought some classes might be cancelled today because of the weather, but that was not the case! Rumor has it that Ripon has only called classes once in the last fifteen or so years, so we can just keep dreaming!

This morning I had a chemistry test so Nick and Iwent to breakfast beforehand. I forget how good John's omelets are! The perfect way to start the morning! :) I have class the rest of the day until 4 p.m., then tonight I need to do laundry! I've been putting it off long enough--I'm running out of socks! But maybe if I get my laundry done and it stops snowing I'll venture down to the Terrace to see Blue Sky Nine, a band sponsored by Campus Christian Fellowship...we'll see!

But if this snow keeps up I am going to be upset with that little groundhog!


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