Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I think College Students are like kids away at summer camp...we love getting mail! :)

Today I got a package from my Mom and Dad and I was so excited! My mom sent me a new pair of volleyball warm-up pants, some mail and a magazine from home, a volleyball magnet, and a Valentine's Day card! Email is nice and all, but sometimes all I want is some good ol' snail mail! :)

Today there is a TON of stuff going on around campus! FORCE (Future of Ripon College Excellence) is sponsoring Spirit Day all day...if they caught you wearing Ripon Gear around campus you got a prize! I signed up for the raffle in the Commons during lunch and picked up a free Red Hawk tatoo! The spirit continues at the Women's and Men's Basketball games tonight...they will be handing out free pom poms and beads at the games!

Also tonight is "Straight Talk," sponsored by BSU (Black Student Union). "Straight Talk" is a student lead conversation about race relations on campus. They will be discussing issues that are usually not discussed in the classroom.

But that's not all! The French department and the French TA, Coraline, are showing a French film by Michel Gondry.

So there is DEFINITELY no shortage of things to do tonight! And with tomorrow being Valentine's Day I have to study for my exam on Friday tonight! And get a few other things ready... :)


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