Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chemistry Crunch Time!

The countdown begins...less than 24 hours until my chemistry exam, then I can finally relax! Last night I took a break from studying to go to one of the volleyball captain's apartments for rootbeer floats and poster-making, then it was back to chemistry. I attended a review session this morning at 8 a.m. and there is another study group tonight, but I think I'll miss that one due to practice. I just can't wait for this exam to be over with! Then tomorrow night, my mom is coming over for my tournament and we're staying in a hotel for the night! It will be so nice to see her and just talk, relax, watch a movie , sit in the hot tub. :)

Today I only have chemistry and latin, so I'm half-done with my classes for the day! I am done with class at noon, work from 1-2 and then I'll be a hermit for the rest of the day: studying for chem and only taking a break for volleyball practice.


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