Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Red Hawk of the Week!

I found out on Monday that I was voted Red Hawk of the Week after my performance in last weekend's Ripon Invitational! As Red Hawk of the week, I get my name up on the Announcement Board at Storzer, and on the website, and I get a free pizza from Roadhouse! I love Roadhouse pizza...I still have left-overs sitting in my fridge from Saturday after the tournament when my dad and I went there! :) This weekend was a lot of fun, here are a few pictures a player's dad took!

Yesterday we had a game at Wisconsin Lutheran Collge, in Milwaukee. We won pretty handily in three games: 30-22, 30-15, 30-23. I finished with 1 kill, 3 aces, 5 digs, and 2 blocks. It was a pretty short night, so we stopped at Wendy's for some dinner before coming back to Ripon. I finished up some homework when we got home, and went to bed, trying to get rid of this little cold I have! We don't have a game until next Tuesday, so hopefully I'll be healthy and caught up on sleep by then! :)


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