Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Half-done and Half-asleep!

Wednesday is here, it's all down hill from here, right? My Spanish exam is over with and I did well on it! Now I just have the dark cloud of Organic Chemistry hanging over my head until Friday. But that's not all I have to do! I have been going, going, going, and I am so tired! Last night we had a home volleyball match against Maranatha BAptist Bible College; we won in three games, which was nice! We were supposed to have a girls' night last night and watch a chick flick, eat ice cream, and just catch up, but suprise, suprise, everyone had too much homework! But we will try again soon; with me playing volleyball and all the other girls' committments too, it's hard to find time to get everyone together to just hang out and talk. Hopefully we will have time this weekend! My roommate, Jess, and I are already planning on a shopping trip on Sunday! :)

As for today, though, I already had Chem, from 8-8:50, next I have Spanish from 10:10-11, followed by Research Design and Statistics from 11:15-12, then it's an hour (for napping!) and I work again from 1-3! Volleyball practice at 4:15, dinner, studying, and a volleyball dessert night at one of the captain's apartments! I'm excited, it will be a nice study break! And hopefully I can get to bed at a decent time, and work on this enormous sleep-debt I've accumulated this past week!


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