Wednesday, October 10, 2007

48 hours...

It is now officially 48 hours until Fall Break. I'm not at all excited...can you tell?

But I am going to pack so much studying into these 48 hours...I took a look at the Chemistry practice exam that was in the library, and that test is going to be TOUGH! I'm going to have to camp-out in the library with my tutor! :) But I'll surely get hungry, so it's a good thing SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is grilling out tonight! They are selling brats in the Quads for $1 tonight from 9-midnight! What a deal! Plus my boyfriend is in I'll just have to eat a delicious brat! PLUS today is also Brett Favre's birthday!

Brats + Brett's B-day + my boyfriend = a winning combination! :)

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