Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweeeen!

What a beautiful day for my favorite holiday of the year! Today has been a good day so far...and not only because I am wearing orange and black striped tights! I had class this morning, work, and even a Spanish quiz, but I am getting a lot of things done! I have two exams coming up on Monday: Spanish and Chemistry, but I am getting a head-start on studying, so hopefully I will be able to do well on BOTH exams! :)

This is the last week of practice for a lot of the fall sports and some are already done. We have two more practices: today and tomorrow, and then Friday is the conference tournament at Carroll College down in Waukesha. Besides conference this weekend, there are also some costume parties for Halloween, so it will be really nice to get ahead on the studying. But as much as I want to get ahead on the studying, I feel that I can't sacrifice too much sleep because once I fall behind I won't be very productive at all. I just need to find a happy medium!


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