Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rest? What's that?

Today is SUCH a busy day for me. Class from 8-9, work 9-10, class from 10-11 and then 11-12, then I'm lunch hosting a prospective student at noon, working from 1-3 in the Admission Office, and then we depart for St. Norbert's at 4 for our 7 p.m. match in De Pere. I have zero free time until after my game and I can tell you right now that all I'm going to want to do after my game is sleep. Who am I kidding...all I want to do right now is sleep...

I think it's going to be a long day...

And I'm still trying to get over a little virus that I had last week, so sleep would probably be a good idea, but I just have no time for sleep! How sad.

But in other news...our smoothie night went well last night! We had almost 40 people show up! And Nick was there the whole time! What an AWESOME boyfriend. :)


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